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No one enjoys Happy Returns, either you're sellers or buyers.


On the retailers' side, in response, businesses are adding workers, increasing warehouse space, and establishing separate departments to handle reverse logistics. These costs are pricey. Return is damaging the industry while it becomes increasingly a new norm.


For consumers, decision on sizing is a daunting task they repeatedly perform without any better result. Despite how easy return policy is given, their frustration with body for ill-fitting is unresolved. 


Delight your shoppers with ABODY Size Profile. Once shoppers are empowered to make informed decision on their sizes, apparel retailers and manufacturers can save millions to reinvest in product quality and lighten their environmental impact with the reduction in carbon generated from shipping returns. We’ll also see less unwanted clothing end up in landfills. 

Plug-in Solution for online store

Our plugin lets you easily integrate our system into your website and your customers can find their best sizes in seconds with just a few clicks.

Replace ABODY.AI to your online size chart.

Consumer with ABODY Size Profile may access to personalized online shopping interface with garment choices base on their dimension. This fastern the browsing time for fitted option and boost order conversions at once. 

Do you want to integrate into your shopping platform?

Let's talk!

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