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Precise measurements, distinctive method for user-friendly approach, scan anytime, anywhere.

Use ABODY.AI app to set up your measurement profile in a few clicks on mobile. Our AI-driven software works on smart algorithm to calculate body data in seconds with cutting edge computer vision and image processing technology.

Insider knowledge

We are diversified team with technology and custom tailoring background. We understand how measurement points should be obtained on human body for garment production. 

Mobile-first technology

Future workforce is mobile generation. Our mobile-first approach provides traditional platforms a ready-to-use solution to take endless opportunities of expansion in future. 

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Image-based approach

All we need is two photos of front and side postures. Take a deep breath then your body data is available in seconds.

Immediate results

We deliver results within a few seconds, from start to finish. 


Technology for Responsible Consumption and Production

Body data is valuable source of information for garment manufacturers to eliminate overproduction in fashion.The solution provides endless data of different body types to redesign the garments from patterns to fit wider range of body shapes rather than depending on a proportional scale. The improvement in garment fit at first place can lower significant rate of return clothing in the mass market, which reduce retail's environmental impact.


From consumers' perspective, shoppers are increasingly aware of their role in circular fashion. The solution provides them informed choices on their sizes for purchase decisions. Once the fit concern is removed, the growth of loyal customers for brands and retailers consequently follows in ethical direction. 

Secured data

User privacy and data security is our first priority. We care what you care and develop in-app face sensor technology to protect users from public personal information.


Custom solutions

ABODY.AI provides custom solutions to specific needs of every industry. From the first meeting, you say how you want it and that's how we make it happen. You can rest assured your expectation is heard.

Interested in working with

We’re looking forward to hear from you.

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